Advice please

Advice is welcome from anyone, especially from those who are or have been passionate teachers in public schools and conducted research at the university level.

I will be applying to Teacher’s College for Fall 2016 to gain my Master’s in Teaching in Curriculum which will have a focus in inquiry, teaching as curriculum making, and teaching for social justice. I’ve decided to do this degree because it will give me my professional certificate in teaching as I feel I really want to teach in public elementary schools for some time before doing research in Urban Education and policy. I am aware or have been told on more than one occasion, that teacher certification master’s programs are not looked at highly when planning a career in research for the future. Although, I feel a need and want to teach in the public education system for some time and go into research much later on. I feel like my classroom experience for a solid amount of time can enhance my future research, I love student teaching, I love tutoring and kids growing emotionally and intellectually. If possible, please share your thoughts, your advice is precious to me. 

Wheras, it may be better for me to apply to earn my Master’s at CUNY Grad Center ( in Masters of Liberal Studies with a concentration in Urban Education, to prepare me for research at the Ph.D, level…(and risk not getting the professional certificate for teaching)?

Thanks to anyone who actually reads this.



  1. Unfortunately I have no experience in these matters. But from what I gather in this post, teaching is something you love to-do. Either way, I think you should do the masters in teaching; I believe as long as you do it right, it won’t hinder for reaserch PhD. And also, that way, you’d be doing what you love, teaching. ☺

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