I’m talkin’ I was walkin’ when…

blur cars chain close up
Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Pexels.com

I was born into a world of “legal” segregation

I’m talkin, I was walkin’ when apartheid ended

Mandela and ANC ended the apartheid’s separation

We talkin’ less than 3 decades ago — in South Africa!

Just about 6 decades ago — in the States of Ameri-K-K-Ka

You thinkin’ our cryin’

Been us lyin’?

You think the state of mind

Of our government

Isn’t advised from the unconscious?

Tribulations of the racist minds’,

wands, probing the naked eye–

We are more than the labels of di-ver-si-ty

Our ad-ver-si-ty

Is due to the faults of the hands of human power

Where thievery and deceit have ruled the world

Can this wretched his-story…


Or are we still chained

By the media’s

Lethal weapons??

Children learning to swipe before they grasp fine motor skills,

or express their words

Before learning their sounds–

Please tell em’ stories

Read em’ stories and discuss the moment they hear you in your womb

Enter their room

Open up new vaults

To create and store forthcoming knowledge to groom

To inspire and embrace

A changing faith

Let’s change their face

Wave a wand back

In fact we aren’t doomed–

Change the pace

For the betterment of the human race.


Thanks for reading ya’ll considering doing this for spoken word soon!


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