From light to darkness 

I shut you out 

I fell victim to insanity 

I ached for your touch , thoughts and taste 

I terrified you with my antics 

This life is not a circle but a semi circle. 

Around I go further away from you. Will you be my fire and let me fall back into you? Or will you just let me fall off the track?


Companionship gone

img_7908There’s sorrow

There’s pain

My heart is an empty hollow

I’m living in pain

I don’t want to miss the comfort

Yet I do

I want to touch bliss

And run, or dismiss this coldness.

It is as if I live in a labyrinth.

Where is right?

Where is left?

I want solitude, but other times I want someone to fill the void..

Just be it for the night

Let’s be the light

& travel light

Come, catch flight ❤

I am a person, another memory found.

As you may have read in my previous blog, I have been organizing my closet. Here I will post a poem that I wrote for a journal entry assignment in one of my education courses on the 24th of October in 2013.

I am the person who likes to try new things, to talk, to dance, to eat. 

I am the person who can make a positive from a negative

I am the person who likes to be social, sleep, swim, tan, live freely, fly on airplanes, travel. 

I am the person who cannot sing, but loves music, R&B, HipHop, Bachata, Merengue Tipico, Reggae, Pop, Alternative Rock, Dubstep

I am the person who sometimes wishes things were different, who dreams for change who wishes we did not have to age, who is writing on this page. 

I am the person who hears the cries for help, whose heart melts when I feel pain, who wants to gain a fulfilling life. 

I am the person who needs more sleep because ‘she works, she comes from little financially, but gives big, gives her all!’

I am person who gets tired, who gets energy, and dreams.

I am a person. 

Bloggers, finding this written word, this history of my own, has been so inspiring. Please never stop journaling, it’s like when you find an old letter from your friend who wrote you in military boot camp, or sleep away camp or when traveling overseas. Except, it’s like a letter to yourself!! As we get older, many memories escape us, keep them forever. That’s a story you’ll always be able to tell! 


random late night thoughts 

You see it’s hard to lay here
Tired eyes
Restless nights 
What is refuge 
I’ve never known freedom 
Even when I get a taste 
It’s only cause my thoughts have been laced 
The lights of these devices 
Plague our minds to believe we don’t need sleep
We can keep going and going
But one day ima shut down and 
Finally the light will dim 
With or without refuge
Cause I’m only human 
Tune in 


Lost is when the words won’t come out 

When the thoughts aren’t there 
When the mind goes blank 
Being next to someone who somewhat understands
But doesn’t know what to do 
Someone who cannot find the words to say 
Or is addicted to an unhealthy art 
But what can I do 
These chains are real 
Society and you
Oh someone tell me what to do
I know what’s wrong 
But I can’t get a grip 
Cause nothing’s ever been right