You’re the type of person to build walls when you fall

I’m the type to create bridges when I’m curious 

But my anxiety tells me to draw away from you

So I pull up the bridge and let the hurricane pass. 

Build your wall 

Let me fall–into the deep blue sea away from what could be…



From light to darkness 

I shut you out 

I fell victim to insanity 

I ached for your touch , thoughts and taste 

I terrified you with my antics 

This life is not a circle but a semi circle. 

Around I go further away from you. Will you be my fire and let me fall back into you? Or will you just let me fall off the track?

j.Chronicles continued


“You don’t remember how we met?”

When you wrote me this, I sat there quite dumbfounded. Then you shared how we met, my mind went through the many virtual file cabinets. Well, there it was one of my clearest memories….Your face was hidden, but your inner spirit dragged me towards you. In that time period, my mind was trapped by a demonic, wicked spirit that made me bruise time and time again. Thank goodness your spirit recognizes my healing.

That day, when I first saw your shape, I did not realize who you were; it was like something took over me, whispering in my ear that we were supposed to converse. Although, we never spoke again until that Sunday started the week.

Almost a year had passed…


I opened my eyes to whiteness. More than a 1,000 miles from you, I laid in the midst, in a mist of whiteness: comforter, pillows, walls, everything around me was as if I was in billows of white, smoke. The sound of the ocean hit my walls and I did not move. As I woke up, I reached for my iPhone to see what the world looked like outside the clouds I lay in.

I opened the application, and then a notification popped up in the right hand corner. You wrote me back. The night before, you complimented my beauty or the sea’s, you were never specific. I replied, “Thank you, as is your art.”

I still had no idea who you were, I thought you were a literal stranger… You invited me for coffee or drinks when I returned from my vacation, but I did not know your name. So I sat there pensively and then, eventually our conversation deepened. You started to reveal yourself to me. Those first replies, were not me, but my spirit again and again. Something took over me and whispered a sweet song to determine who you were. Your spirit whispered, “remember me?”

I did, vividly.

Tuesday night

Shortly after, my plane landed and my body appeared in your car. All of sudden, my physical body listened to your melodic voice. You spoke softly, you smiled secretly. We ate dinner, as if we always knew one another. We conversed that night until the shadows crept beneath us.


You came, not in the literal sense but arrived. There was no turning back from this night. Margherita filled us and the NYC lights enchanted us. We shared pieces of our journeys and let our tongues become a vein that carried our spirit of gold. You were sold, for you invited me the night. I crept in your space, observing each inch of you. That night was timeless, I fell asleep in your arms and then woke up in your mist. Another, white comforter. My eyes wide and very aware of who laid next to me. I snuck off, your body awake and mind asleep. I made my way out of your creative lair.

When you awoke– you lettered, “Was last night a dream?”

It wasn’t.


Sleepless, mindless, I fell into your bed again. I felt every piece of you touch my inner soul. Your voice comforted me, your touch calmed me, your spirit welcomed me.


You’re a creator, a solver, a builder. Your affection is one–for it almost has me won over. I didn’t realize I had anything for you, but whatever I have I want it connected to your spirit.

I want to hear your beat and play you in my mind over and over again until the spirit drags me far away.

If you didn’t know, now you know that…baby you found me in the clouds.



Companionship gone

img_7908There’s sorrow

There’s pain

My heart is an empty hollow

I’m living in pain

I don’t want to miss the comfort

Yet I do

I want to touch bliss

And run, or dismiss this coldness.

It is as if I live in a labyrinth.

Where is right?

Where is left?

I want solitude, but other times I want someone to fill the void..

Just be it for the night

Let’s be the light

& travel light

Come, catch flight ❤

Dear Readers


(Photo Above) If you all could see my small studio apartment, this is basically what it looks like .

Some of you lovely people have asked me why haven’t I blogged about my last weeks in Spain!? Here’s an update on my beautiful, busy life.

Well, I am back in the US and have been flooded with work. I am in the process of getting certified as a NYS Teacher so that I can teach in a dual language NYC public school classroom. I am also in the process of sending out my cover letter and resume!

I am working full time as a 5th grade permanent substitute teacher, the school year ends June 28th.

I visited my amazing mother and family in Atlanta, GA to support my two younger siblings who graduated High School this year!!

I myself will have my commencement, June 2nd, 2016 to celebrate earning a B.A. in Elementary Education with a Bilingual Extension. 😀 HIP HIP HOORAY!! 

Lastly, I teach an enrichment class on the weekend, to middle school scholars of color, to enhance their readiness for the verbal part of SHSAT.

I have been SWAMPED since my return mid April, but I promise to publish my last weeks in Spain and my last two trips to 5 cities in Morocco and the beautiful Sevilla, Spain by the end of June/ first week of July (I wrote little notes in my journal to better reflect on those last weeks rather than just blog it)!

I have been so overwhelmed, but grateful for my opportunities! To all my other bloggers working hard, don’t stop, we got this!!