Finally Being Heard?

It’s the pain of our modern world

It’s the reality of our broken history

The truth made invisible,

what we go through, you know,

“finally being heard.”

We don’t become relevant until our pain becomes their platform…

The appropriation, the killings, the villains were never us.

They cannot stand to see their reflection in a mirror,

too ready to pull a trigger.


“7 things I can do that my black son cannot” Must read, clink link!y s

The written article below is powerfully well written. It discusses how this white father cares dearly for his son and daughter and the struggles they will face. A must read, once I find the essay I will post a link to it. Happy reading, HAPPY SATURDAY! 

Unjust Reason

If the reason is unjust
Then it’s a must
But if the reason is not treason
Fail to be indecent
It is respect that is missing
Society may be at fault
But we are a part of this system
And if changing the system makes me worthy of being classed as a criminal
Shall we all not fall ?
Remember some dues are expected
It doesn’t give us reason to be free of law
It’s our duty to figure out, how do we balance this see-saw?