This kind of beautiful…

Vivid visions of just me. 

Wrapping my arms around myself and encountering my own brilliance without the thoughts of your companionship trickling through. 

Your otherness typically feels so warm and compliments me so well, it’s almost as you follow the circuits of my mind. 

I can call and stay on the line…I don’t speak and you know exactly what to say. 

Although, you certainly don’t complete me, I am my own person, this I am certain. 

My own desires and thoughts flow through me a tad differently. It’s like I am a river and we connect when I enter your basin. 

Deep within, I know I don’t need you, but I want you to accompany me throughout some of my life. For now, I want you to be a part of my routine—to say the least. 

I want to be your sunshine, but it is if you are on a blinding, uneasy ride. This moment in time, you are lost and unsettled, I must let you climb. 

This is necessary, but who wants to be alone? I don’t think this world was made for us to always be in solitude.

Sometimes we need to meet and connect like the river and the sea–let’s be an estuary. 

Rich and free, I hope to meet you again and feel your warmth like my favorite tea. 

Or my favorite food, melting within my dark soul, enlightening my world. 

For now I’ll wait and worry less about others, meaning you. 

I’ll try to be this kind of beautiful…


When you realize you haven’t met your soulmate 

When you realize you haven’t met your soulmate 

You realize this person is not the one 

They emotionally drain you,

It’s quite painful because you become accustomed to them 

As if they should be that person

You’ve dedicated time and energy to some waste of a time 

They are clearly not your soulmate when they flake on you

They never want to go out with you and your friends 

They call after hours 

They expect you to pick up every call 

&& they don’t work with you, but against you. 

They are not your soulmate if they make you cry 

Or even shy when you are brighter than the sun 

They make you fold and seem as if you’re too much 

When it is not you but them. 

You begin to think and rethink every thing you want to say 

& that is emotional abuse 

It’s when they are inconsiderate of your time and too blind to see it. 

Run away 

They are not your soulmate 

You don’t need them. 


Please far away

random late night thoughts 

You see it’s hard to lay here
Tired eyes
Restless nights 
What is refuge 
I’ve never known freedom 
Even when I get a taste 
It’s only cause my thoughts have been laced 
The lights of these devices 
Plague our minds to believe we don’t need sleep
We can keep going and going
But one day ima shut down and 
Finally the light will dim 
With or without refuge
Cause I’m only human 
Tune in 

Another Poem

To advocate for natural rights

For a race that of only one exists

But most only assume by the shade of

my skin,

my hair,

my appearance,

my shape

You can believe that discrimination isn’t encrypted in our mind

Through our everyday life we always exclude

This is not another race poem

or debate.

Invisibility exists!

Sometimes we close our eyes

or say we love all.

Do we love all?

Is there a cure,

sounds unfathomable since not one can be pure.

I ask that we only learn more

Do not stay within your circle, expand.

Maybe change can come,

with a new plan…