The river flows

Tonight the river flows

The streams run

My mind drifts

For I gave too much of myself

To another too soon

Why I guess this is the energy I have accepted

He is not my sun

He is not my moon

Everything shifts

For I gave too much of myself

To another too soon


currently feeling like a joke

That moment when you realize and soak in that there are pre school program tuitions that cost more than your college education. And your loans are less than a full year’s tuition for that child, gosh how that can make you feel odd.

I can literally like break down and cry, I feel like a joke.


Sins of great means
Makes you feel like the feighn

The sin brings pleasure
Not one can measure

So you go out and sin
For your internal happiness
Never eternal

For you know it brings much turmoil
That will make you feel far from royal

I sieze the day
When my sins will be weighed
And I’ll be able to say
My sins flow
Through the river bend
Never losing
For sins are choosing
To become a better human

Sinful desires
Sinful mistakes
I can’t preach to the choir
But not all sins are forgiven
But, we keep livin’
Until the last song ends in a lake