He told her “you’re the kind of girl you read about in books.”

But how could that be?

When she thought that that she did not have the looks

To be thought of as She

She thought herself more like a wildflower blown by the wind

With chaos in the universe

Living in a world with a wealth of sorrow

How could she have such a force?

Then she realized she was a girl far from shallow

Her depths deeper than the ocean floor

Maybe she was like the girl he read in books,

She was she, and she was sure

That she had the power to change the war…

He did not matter

He wasn’t as lovely as the words he spoke

In a world that seemed to be getting sadder

She had to fight, bring upon a light

Help all, climb higher and higher up the ladder

She was she, and that was all she could be.




Sins of great means
Makes you feel like the feighn

The sin brings pleasure
Not one can measure

So you go out and sin
For your internal happiness
Never eternal

For you know it brings much turmoil
That will make you feel far from royal

I sieze the day
When my sins will be weighed
And I’ll be able to say
My sins flow
Through the river bend
Never losing
For sins are choosing
To become a better human

Sinful desires
Sinful mistakes
I can’t preach to the choir
But not all sins are forgiven
But, we keep livin’
Until the last song ends in a lake